Mr. Maybe
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(#01) In Another Land

Synopsis: Mr. Maybe stumbles upon a comic world and learns some of the ropes -- or lack thereof.

Starring: Mr. Maybe

(#02) Assimilation

Synopsis: It becomes clear to Mr. Maybe this isn't Kansas.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Ms. Hand Head



(#03) A Revelation

Synopsis: Sometimes a familiar face doesn't necessarily mean a lick.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Chad

(#04) Liberare

Synopsis: With great power comes great folly. Especially when it comes to involuntary teleportation.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Chad

(#05) Great Lester's Ghost

Synopsis: Mr. Maybe attempts to look at the glass as half full. But will it last?

Starring: Mr. Maybe

(#06) War of the Words

Synopsis: Just when Mr. Maybe thinks he's got things under control, trust issues arise between him and his own speech bubble.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, S. Bubble

(#07) Evil is aHead

Synopsis: Mr. Maybe draws the attention of failed comic character extraordinaire, Vince Villain

Starring: Vince Villain, Ziggy

(#08) Almost Free Speech

Synopsis: After Mr. Maybe's voice leaves him, he falls on hard times. He must now negotiate for a new speech bubble.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Ziggy

(#09) Ziggy Played Cat

Synopsis: When Mr. Maybe introduces Ziggy to Ms. Hand Head, Cupid makes an unexpected appearance.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Ziggy, Ms. Hand Head

(#10) An Un-Helping Hand

Synopsis: Ziggy learns that love conquers all -- except mobile technology, addictive web apps and of course, Zac Efron.

Starring: Ziggy, Ms. Hand Head

(#11) Share Something Good

Synopsis: Missing his friends, Mr. Maybe relies on the old fashioned way to get a party started.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Ziggy, & Misc. Offbeats

(#12) America's Funniest Home Brooding

Synopsis: Vince Villain muses his master plan -- and only one thing can stop him.

Starring: Vince Villain


(#13) Digita Erotica

Synopsis: When love on the brain collides with consumerism.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Chris A

(#14) Quarter For Your Thoughts

Synopsis: Forget the roses -- Mr. Maybe finds a woman the new fashioned way.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Rachel

(#15) Glow in the Dark Comic

Synopsis: Shedding light on a subject isn't always the brightest idea.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Rachel

(#16) Sunglasses at Comic

Synopsis: I wear my comic at night.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Keila

(#17) 2-D Tongue

Synopsis: Mr. Maybe discovers the pitfalls of speaking "Computer-ese".

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Camille

(#18) The Challenge

Synopsis: A game of wits takes a turn for the worst

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Chris A

(#19) Goldicomic & the Three Panels

Synopsis: Someone's been sleeping in my comic.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Ziggy

(#20) Hate the Comic

Synopsis: When a zebra hates a comic, can't keep his mind on nothing else.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Ziggy, Hate the Zebra

(#21) Foreign Horizons

Synopsis: Mr. Maybe loses his head in Amsterdam.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Chad

(#22-#32) Star Wars Special Series

Synopsis: A special 11-part Star Wars release!

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Chad, Hate the Zebra

(#33) A Comic for nthe Rest of Us

Synopsis: A Ziggy reference for the rest of us!

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Rachel

(#34) Dark Side of the Comic

Synopsis: What do Bob Saget, Scott Stapp, Labor Day superstitions and social networking have in common? Pure evil.

Starring: Vince Villain, Ziggy

(#35) A Kick in the Bucket

Synopsis: Chad teaches his creative process a lesson.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Chad

(#36) Cruel & Unusual Comicment

Synopsis: Mr. Maybe makes Ziggy spill his cotton over Vince Villain's villainous villainy.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Ziggy

(#37) Lean, Green, Ziggy Machine

Synopsis: Sometimes "going green" can go awry.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Ziggy


(#38) The Good Twin

Synopsis: We all know about the evil twin, but what about the good one?

Starring: Ziggy, Iggy

(#39) Technical Derails

Synopsis: The technical details of the problem with technical details.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Keila

(#40) Master Control Comic

Synopsis: Chad & Mr. Maybe watch Tron.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Chad

(#41) Pop Comic, II.64

Synopsis: Andy Andy Warhol and Mr. Maybe explore the connection between dreams, the afterlife and art.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Andy Warhol

(#42) Pinball vs. Programming

Synopsis: Andy Andy Warhol and Mr. Maybe explore the connection between dreams, the afterlife and art.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Andy Warhol

(#43) Comic Courtesy

Synopsis: ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) affects millions of web comic readers every day.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Rachel


(#44) Ideas Are Dangerous

Synopsis: When one takes another's wardrobe for granted.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Keila

(#45) Thought Schedule

Synopsis: If thoughts were like TV, maybe it would be worth tuning in.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Ash

(#46) Trojan.Comic.A

Synopsis: Never read webcomics when you don't know where they came from.

Starring: Chad, Ms. Hand Head


(#47) Choose Your Own Awkward

Synopsis: Looking for awkwardness in all the wrong places.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Adam

(#48) Occupational Mutiny

Synopsis: When comic panels get restless and yearn for freedom.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Ash

(#49) Let Down Your Golden Comic

Synopsis: Rapunzel gets stiffed -- again.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Rachel, Hate the Zebra, Ash

(#50) Man vs. Woman

Synopsis: The ageless struggle continues.

Starring: Mr. Maybe, Rachel

(#51) Emergency Broadcast Comic

Synopsis: This is test of the Emergency Broadcast-via-Comic System. This is only a test.

Starring: Hate the Zebra


(#52) Mid Comic Crisis

Synopsis: Vince Villain confronts his denial about being a failed comic villain.

Starring: Vince Villain, Ziggy


(#53) Soothsay Stalemate Synopsis: Ash attempts to predict the future to perhaps reclaim his past.

Starring: Ash the Thoughful Koala




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