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> Webcomic Wikipedia entry

> (site description: "Comics news and how-tos for the modern cartoonist."

> The Webcomic List (site description: "The Webcomic List primarily helps you keep track of which of your favourite online comics have updated. To do this we monitor over 14000 online comics, checking them several times a day; this enables us to keep you updated as fast as possible.")

> (site description: "Our mission statement is to work toward bringing Webcomics to a mainstream exposure, an online list of webcomics."

> The Comic Portal (site description: " (Formerly is a place to see all your favorite online comics in one place. You can discuss the toons and make a watch list to view everyday.")

> Online Comics - (site description: "A directory of Online Comics")

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> Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" (masterfully written -- a must for anyone not only interested in comics, but visual arts in general)

> Scott McCloud's "Making Comics" (includes Manga and Graphic Novels)

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> Penny Arcade
> Questionable Content
> Crtl+Alt+Delete

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> Nemomatic
> Ugo Serrano
> Golden Shoulders
> Nevada City Film Festival

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