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It has some comics and it's free. You're welcome!

About the comic strip Mr. Maybe & the Offbeats

The strip/series follows Mr. Maybe, an even-keeled traveler from a faroff land, who one day finds himself trapped in the comic world. Unsure of how he got there, he set out to find his way home. Along the way he met many a strange folk (as well as unwitting celebrities), and Mr. Maybe soon found he had great powers far beyond those of 3-dimensional men. Topics range from pop culture, music, gaming, internet culture, love/death, language and more.

"Mr. Maybe & the Offbeats" was conceived out of boredom in the heart of a cold, dead winter. Strips were released routinely on my MySpace profile and it was well-recieved and had substantial readership. Overall, it was a moderate success.

Eventually however, the online social community became stale and spammy; in late 2006, I committed "My Space suicide" where Mr. Maybe remained virtually dead for a 2 years.

Eventually I was inspired to publish my graphic novel, "Me, Myself & Id" (also released on MySpace). While the graphic novel is still a work-in-progress, it prompted me to re-release the Mr. Maybe strip series with an updated format.

The new "Me, Myself & Id" book should be released by year's end.

About Ryan Cassano (as told by Job O Brother)

Ryan "Chopin" Cassano was born in the latter-half of the 20th Century to working-class parents living in the Gold Rush town of Grass Valley, California.

Although an intelligent child, he was forced to go to school and obey rules, until the middle of his adolescence, at which point he began associating with punks, musicians, drug users, thieves, homosexuals, and other ne'r-do-wells. It was from friendships developed with these undesirables that Cassano discovered good music, learned to think for himself, dated hot chicks and enjoyed the arts (not necessarily in that order).

It was as Cassano was indulging in such escapades that he learned something startling: the darker the roast of coffee bean is not an indication of greater caffeine content, and he was about to have a baby. Cassano shopped for a different blend of java and soon after had a second child. He now raises these children and forces them to go to school and obey rules.

Ryan has enjoyed cult status on the World Wide Web for his comic strip "Mr. Maybe & The Offbeats". He has also written and produced one short film, Lucy.

A common misconception is that his middle name is "Chopin".

© 2016 Ryan Cassano


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