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Cast (in order of appearance)
  Mr. Maybe

It all started when Mr. Maybe found himself in a comic world, unable to remember anything from his 3-dimentional past. After some initial struggles to come to terms with his newfound surroundings, the main character of "Mr. Maybe & the Offbeats" now only casually seeks to regain his memory, and perhaps a way back home.

Featured in: In Another Land; Assimilation; A Revelation; Liberare; Great Lester's Ghost; War of the Words; Almost Free Speech; Ziggy Played Cat; Digita Erotica; Quarter For Your Thoughts; Glow in the Dark Comic; Sunglasses at Comic; 2-D Tongue; The Challenge; Goldicomic & the Three Panels; Hate the Comic; Foreign Horizons; Star Wars Trilogy, Maybe

  Ms. Hand Head

Always peppy and grossed out by anything less than perfect, Ms. Hand Head enjoys spending her days shopping, watching celeb reality shows and getting her nails done -- both on her hands, and her head. If you want to know why she has a hand for a head -- it's a long story!

Featured in: Assimilation; Ziggy Played Cat; An Un-Helping Hand


Last seen "pleading the fern"* in a Bavarian court. Chad is an avid painter, traveler and computer programmer who prefers to observe quietly from the sidelines. Spending much of his youth as a gypsy trickster, he eventually became bored of living in european squats and shopplifting his breakfast. Back in the states, he bluffed his way into a promising start up during the dot com boom, only to have it bought by a big corporation. He frequently pines over perfecting his artistic crafts and coming up with the next big online venture to make him money while he sleeps.

* According to Chad, "pleading the fern" is a legitimate defense of temporary insanity caused by the winds of North Africa.

Featured in: A Revelation; Liberare; Share Something Good; Foreign Horizons; Star Wars Trilogy, Maybe

  S. Bubble

A voice with no master. Caucasian. Height varies. Often confused for an offscreen character.

Featured in: War of the Words

  Vince Villain

Tired of being kicked around in the real world, Vince (aka Brian) decided to leave the 3-D world and set out to become the best comic character of all time, under the alias Hank Hero. However he realized soon after, he was far too creepy to catch on with the mainstream culture. After delving into some of Anton LaVey's work, he pondered to himself, "what's love got to do with it?" He then concluded that evil ain't so bad and is now obsessed with not world domination, but rather, comic domination. Viewing Mr. Maybe as a threat, he seeks new ways to overthrow the young, popular upstart.

Featured in: A Revelation; Evil is aHead; America's Funniest Home Brooding


A relatively listless and lazy cat, he was adopted from "Catnip Annonymous" by the evil warlock Vince Villain. While Ziggy was indifferent to Vince Villain himself, he was fond of his spooky castle -- its countless window sills, balls of yarn and kitty litter proved to be worthy scale tippers in the whole "where shall I live?" debate. Evetually however, Ziggy would agree to pose as Mr. Maybe's cat and spy on him for Vince Villain -- but how long will his loyalty last?

Featured in: Evil is aHead; Almost Free Speech; Ziggy Played Cat; An Un-Helping Hand; Share Something Good; Goldicomic & the Three Panels; Hate the Comic


A jaded conservative who rejects all that is trivial and superfictial. An avid fan of Bea Aurther, she longs for the days of long skirts, prudent behavior and good minded sensibility amongst the masses. She's still waiting.

Comics: Share Something Good; Sunglasses at Comic

  Chris A.

Christopher was born in the down and dirty slums of Kennebunkport, Maine, where you made damn sure your blade was as sharp as your senses, and you learned at an early age it's not gay if you only sort of liked it. Picking himself up by his bootstraps he made his way across the country and found himself in the jungles of South America where he learned the secret and deadly art of basket weaving. A lover of all things dangerous, Christopher is an avid base jumper, shark hunter, and cage fighter. He's joined the comic book world because he feels 3 D is just too "bourgeoisie" and he'd prefer to stick with his proletariat girls really dig skinny guys and you can't get much skinnier than 2 D.

He also is an ardent thesaurus collector and feels the internet was set up by aliens trying to steal your credit card numbers.

Comics: Share Something Good; Digita Erotica; The Challenge


While initially turned off by being the subject of such an inane comic, this Hollywood starlet figured that it "beats LA on a smoggy day" and decided to stick around for a while. She enjoys small white dogs, cupcakes, painting and fashion.

Comics: Quarter For Your Thoughts; Glow in the Dark Comic

  Hate the Zebra

He hates this comic, he hates this bio and surely, he hates this sentence.

Comics: Hate the Comic; Star Wars Trilogy, Maybe

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