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Foxy Annonymous Quotients (FAQ)

Can you please pass the salt?


Is there a God?

Congratulations, you won a beauty contest! Collect $75 and advance 10 spaces.

When are new comics posted?

Sometime between the next 30 seconds to several weeks from now.

Can you put me in the comic?

Working on that, stay tuned. Eventually, people have a chance to be in comic, just trying to work out the scope of that ther' notion.

Do you make custom comics for people?

Yes, please contact me if you'd like questions answered. They can make for great gifts for the people you like, or be he worst thing you can do to your sworn enemy. The choice is yours.

What happened to "Me, Myself & Id"?

Thoughtful of you to ask! The book was finished some time ago, but I was never happy with the format. Ultimately, I never released it.


A new version is in the works. There may be an eventual place for it on this website, as well.

What are your influences?

Too many to name and certainly not limited to comics. I can be as inspired by music or a scent in the air as I can any visual art medium. Hence, my influences change daily.

What was the name of the guy that played on Dallas?

Larry Hagman.

Is he still alive?

To the best of my Wikipedia knowledge.

What inspired you to start this strip?

"In Another Land" came on a whim and I never envisioned doing anything with it, or carrying on. Then I started considering some memorable dialogue I was having with friends online at the time -- I thought a strip just involving conversation between my friends and I would be an interesting winter project, for our own amusement. But in no time it just became more of a "cerebral dumping ground", where I could get down small things that accumulate in my brain that have no other use.

Didn't you used to be on MySpace? What happened to your profile?

Indeed so. At the time, the burden of heavy correspondences and unwanted dramatics made me anxious to free myself from the flat digital world of online social networking. As a result, I committed online suicide by means of a sharp "delete profile" button. Unbeknownst to many, however, the Mr. Maybe profile has always been there, albeit dormant for months.  It's now back in full swing, and you can go there now, for free.

And while I refuse to "tweet", I do post on Twitter from time to time. If it's your preference, follow me there for new comic updates and new posts.

I don't get your comic. Have you considered other lines of work?

Yes, many times.

How come sometimes you can put in a USB device with little problem, but other times it equates to trying to put a square peg in a round hole, typically resulting in screaming profanities?

Because USB devices roll like that.

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